Smart Padlock FAQs

What devices are supported?

Nokē is compatible with iOS devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 LE hardware and running iOS 7.0 or later (including iPhone 4s or newer, iPod Touch 5G or newer, iPad 3G or newer, iPad minis). 

Nokē is also compatible with Android devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 LE hardware and running the Jelly Bean (4.3) or Kit Kat (4.4) versions of the Android operating system (including Samsung Galaxy S4 or newer, HTC One or newer, and several more).

What happens if the battery dies while Nokē is locked?

If the battery dies we have included the ability to "jump-start" your Nokē with an external battery to allow you to unlock Nokē, open the back and replace the battery. You can find instructions to that here

How secure is Bluetooth?

Nokē uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE which contains the highest level of security. Bluetooth 4.0 LE uses 128-bit AES CCM Encryption algorithm to ensure transmissions are encrypted and secure. This is significantly stronger than older Bluetooth devices.

Does Nokē add any encryption to standard Bluetooth encryption?

Yes, in addition to standard Bluetooth encryption, Nokē employs the latest in PKI technology and uses cryptographic key exchange protocol to keep your communications with Nokē secure.

What type of battery does Nokē use?

Nokē padlock uses a standard watch battery (CR2032) - you can find these at most of your local stores. To replace the battery, unlock Nokē, lift the shackle, and twist the back counterclockwise. To replace the back, make sure Noke is unlocked and shackle is lifted, line up locking pin with internal hole, push back into place and twist clockwise. Twist firmly to ensure a weather-resistant seal

How secure is Nokē?

Nokē uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE which contains the highest level of security. Bluetooth 4.0 LE uses 128-bit AES CCM Encryption algorithm to ensure transmissions are encrypted and secure so hackers can't access your Nokē.

We have also put Nokē through rigorous testing for both water resistance and strength. We have used hardened boron and have incorporated anti-shim technology in the locking mechanism.

Can I disable the 1-Step Unlock feature?

Yes, you can easily disable this feature in the app by choosing 2-Step Unlock instead. This can be useful in situations where you want added security, or if you want to lock your phone in a locker and unlock your Nokē using Quick-Click.

What are the specifications (length, thickness, weight) of the bike cable and mount kit?

The cable is made from braided steel rope and it will be approximately 6ft or 2m long, 3/8in or 10mm thick, and about 1lb or 450 grams in weight. The mount will add a couple oz or about 60 grams.

How do I change my quick-click code?

Click on the lock in the app, then click edit. This will display your advanced settings, including your quick-click code. You can edit it here. Be sure the lock is nearby because the app will send the updated code to the lock once you've saved it. The app will instruct you to click the shackle to wake the Nokē and the code will automatically be sent within a few seconds.

Is the app free?

Yes, the app is free. It is an essential part of the product.

What if I want to lock my phone in my locker?

You can open your Nokē padlock at anytime without the use of your app by using the Quick-Click code. Simply choose the 2-Step Unlock OR turn off your phone OR disable Bluetooth on your phone and then put in your Quick-Click to open Nokē.

Can I use Nokē while using another Bluetooth device like headphones?

Yes, Bluetooth 4.0 LE allows multitasking without any problems.

Does the Nokē App need to be running to open Nokē?

The Nokē app needs to be running or in the background for Nokē to open. Your phone can be sleeping in your pocket or purse if you have 1-Step Unlock enabled. If you restart your device or if the OS puts the app to sleep, you may need to re-launch the Nokē app. 

What do the different colored lights mean?

Nokē has a light on the front to indicate various activities. In bright sunlight, you may need to cup your hand over the light to create shade, making the light appear brighter. The light indicates as follows:

  • Off = Sleeping
  • Blue = Normal Shackle Press
  • Blue > White = Long Shackle Press
  • Green flash = Unlock
  • Multi-color flash = Updating lock with new settings or firmware
  • Red flash = Lock
  • Red fade to off = Entering sleep mode

What does it mean if no light appears when I press on the shackle?

Your lock's battery is dead and needs to be replaced.