Having Trouble Opening Your Lock?

There are 5 different ways to open a Nokē HD & HD+ Smart Padlock: -1 Step -Biometrics -2 Step -Quick Click Code -Fob

Before you begin using your Nokē HD/HD+ be sure to go into the Nokē PRO App and select your unlocking method. Depending on your company permissions, not all users have access to all unlocking graphic 3unlocking methods. 

To do this, long tap your lock icon in the access block on the dash board. 

unlocking fraphic 1  

This will open the lock detail box. Click on "Unlock Method".

 unlocking graphic 2

An unlocking screen will open and you can select the method of your choice.

unlock method screen



1: 1 STEP 

With the Nokē PRO app running in the background, and with Bluetooth turned on, your phone will automatically connect to the lock and unlock it.

*You must have access to the lock for this to work                                                                         *This unlocking method can be disabled by a lock administrator



This unlocking method utilizes biometric authentication. A fingerprint or retina scanner, or face id, must be set up on your device, to begin the unlocking process.

  • To begin, wake the lock by pressing sensor on lock bottom and tap unlock in lock screen.
  • You’ll then be promoted to authenticate with biometrics to make sure 
    you are the owner of the phone, before unlocking.
  • Once the phone authenticates you as the user, the lock will open.

3: 2 STEP

Wake the lock by pressing sensor on lock bottom and tap unlock in lock screen.



A one-time code will be sent to you via text or email. Using the sensor on the lock bottom, follow the code to create a series of long and short presses.

Quick Click graphic 1-1

With a short press a blue light will flash around the sensor and with a long press, a white light will flash. On the last press in the code, the light will turn green and the lock will open.



Press the sensor on lock bottom and squeeze the fob to unlock.

*Your lock must be paired with this fob by the lock administrator for

this locking method to work.